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Yakuman DS Visual Translation Guide

Yakuman DS is a Super Mario-themed mahjong game for the Nintendo DS, featuring online multiplayer and several pages of rules that can be customized (including Open Riichi!)
Since it's entirely in Japanese, I thought I would make a translation guide, so here it is
Title screen

Table of Contents

  1. Save Data
  2. Main Menu
  3. Single Player
  4. Multiplayer
  5. Options
  6. Custom Rules

Save Data

To start with, let's make a new save

Enter Name

Save Data screen
Main Menu

(I didn't translate the tutorial or the glossary; for learning the rules of mahjong, I would recommend this guide)

Single Player

Single Player Menu

Pause Menu

As for the calls, they should be pretty easy to figure out since they only show up when you can use them, but just in case, here they are in Japanese and English:
Pon - ポン
Chi - チー
Kan - カン
Riichi - リーチ
Tsumo - ツモ
Ron - ロン


If there isn't a Wi-Fi option, then you have the original version of the game, which doesn't have online multiplayer


Wi-Fi Match

Friend Code


Options Page 1
For those people who wouldn't be caught dead being seen playing something as childish as a Mario game, simply set Voices to Real, turn off Face Graphics, and enjoy your Serious Business mahjong game
Options Page 2
One Hand Mode changes the controls so you can play with just your left hand, presumably to make it easier to play mahjong in class without getting caught
Support gives you hints on which tile to discard, and which ones are risky
I don't know why it wouldn't let me turn on the pictochat option but I think it's supposed to let you search for people using pictochat nearby

Custom Rules

Page 1
Rules Settings Page 1
1 Open Tanyao 5-pin Akadora 7
2 Tsumo Pinfu Wareme 8
3 Atozuke Dobon/Tobi 9
4 Uradora Multiple Ron 10
5 Kandora East Only 11
6 Kan Uradora Extra Wind Round 12

Page 2
Rules Settings Page 2
1 Four Players Riichi Draw Ryanhan Shibari 6
2 Four Kan Draw Noten Payments 7
3 Four Winds Draw Pao 8
4 Ryuukyoku Renchan
流れ=pass, 連荘=keep
Chombo Penalties 9
5 Swap Calling Starting Points 10

Page 3
Rules Settings Page 3
1 Open Riichi Counted Yakuman 8
2 Chiitoitsu Fu Count Paarenchan 9
3 Sanrenkou Kokushi musou 13-way wait 10
4 Renhou Suuankou Single Wait 11
5 Daisharin Nine Gates 9-way wait 12
6 Thirteen unconnected tiles Daisuushii 13
7 Suurenkou

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