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Touhou Unreal Mahjong

Touhou Unreal Mahjong is a Gensokyo-themed mahjong game where each character has her own special ability and each table has its own set of local rules. You can also disable the special abilities and play regular mahjong if you want to. Revision 2 (an expansion for the original game) has an English patch and a very fun story mode about a mahjong table-related incident, whereas 3rd Generation does not have a story mode at all. However, the online servers for Revision 2 are no longer working, and there is no LAN mode, so if you want to play online, you will have to play 3rd Generation. Unfortunately, online play requires each player to have her own CD key, which can only be obtained by buying a copy of the game for each player. Additionally, 3rd Generation has quite a bit of additional content, such as new characters, and a lot of new art and some really great music. Because 3rd Generation lacks a story mode, if you are only going to play single-player, I would recommend playing Revision 2 instead.

!!!! Update !!!!

The Touhou Unreal Mahjong 3rd Generation servers have been down for a few months now, a shutdown which I can only assume is permanent (I will of course remove this text if this ever turns out not to be the case, but I wouldn't hold my breath over it). Sadly, D.N.A. Softwares did not have the foresight to include an option to connect to a personal server or even a LAN mode, so if you want to play Touhou Unreal Mahjong with your friends, you are out of luck. I am quite sad about it myself, as it is a really fun and unique game, and it was my favorite way to play mahjong over the Internet. Even without the online functionality, I still recommend getting 3rd Generation even if for no reason other than its lovely soundtrack.


These are not all direct translations, I still don’t know very much Japanese so I used a Japanese dictionary on my DS to identify kanji. This is slow, so in many cases it was quicker to figure out what something does by testing it and to come up for an English description for it that way.

Menus (click to see full size)

Main menu Single player menu Online menu
Main menu Single player menu Online menu
Create a new room Player information Settings
Create a new room Player information Settings

Unlockable content

The unlockable store is in the player information menu. Each group costs 5 points. You get points by unlocking titles: https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Unreal_Mahjong/Titles. These are the titles from the first Touhou Unreal Mahjong game, but most of them seem to be in 3rd generation too. There are also a lot of new titles in 3rd Generation that aren’t translated.

Some easy ways to get points:
  • Change the background music
  • Open the gallery
  • Win a single-player game
  • Finish a game without winning a single round
  • Play online mode
  • Get 100% on training mode (select all the tiles that would complete the hand)
  • Open the game 100 times
  • Just play single-player mode for a while, there’s a lot of them that are luck-based

Tables and Characters

Characters are shown in the order of the character select menu and color-coded by the group they are unlocked with. Anything in italics is unlocked from the start. Most of these translations are taken from the Touhou Unreal 2nd Generation English patch, as most of the characters seem to be unchanged. I only revised a few of them that I noticed were different and translated the new characters and tables, and the few returning characters that weren’t translated in the 2nd generation patch.

Standard rules table: Standard rules, special abilities can’t be activated
Hakurei Shrine: Chun is always a dora tile
Kirisame Magic Shop:

-Uradora are revealed every round

-One of each number tile is akadora
Hakurei Reimu: Anti-ron barrier for 6 turns
Kirisame Marisa: Turns all tiles of a random value in her hand into akadora
SDM: Tsumo wins are worth double
Rumia: Hides her side of the table in a cloak of darkness
Daiyousei: Can redraw her starting hand
Cirno: Freezes a random player for 4 turns, forcing them to discard whatever they draw
Hong Meiling: Makes herself the dealer to start with
Koakuma: Can redraw 3 tiles from her hand at the start of a round
Patchouli Knowledge: Less likely to draw wind tiles for the rest of the round
Izayoi Sakuya: Switches 3 tiles from her hand with the wall
Remilia Scarlet: Turns tiles from 1 through 4 in her hand into akadora
Flandre Scarlet: High chance of drawing wind tiles for the next 6 turns
            -No akadora
            -Special abilities charge slower
Letty Whiterock: Freezes for two turns the next player who calls pon
Chen: Adds an additional 2 han when calling riichi
Alice Margatroid: Halves the winning hand if it exceeds 12,000 points
Lily White: Exchanges Haku tiles for discarded tiles
Lunasa Prismriver: Removes a dora indicator from play
Merlin Prismriver: Flips over the next dora indicator
Lyrica Prismriver: Exchanges a random tile from her hand for a discarded tile
Konpaku Youmu: Blocks all chi, pon, and kan for 2 to 6 turns
Saigyouji Yuyuko: Takes 1000 points from the player she calls pon on
Yakumo Ran: Increased chance of drawing winning tile during riichi
Yakumo Yukari: Removes the next 8 tiles in the wall from the game
            -No extra points for ippatsu
            -No kandora or uradora
Wriggle Nightbug: Exchanges a random tile in her hand with the first dora indicator
Mystia Lorelei: Hides the entire table for 6 turns
Kamishirasawa Keine: Reduces another player’s magic meter to zero
EX Keine: Reduces all other players’ magic meters to zero
Inaba Tewi: High chance of getting uradora when winning with riichi
Inaba Reisen: Turns all akadora in play into regular tiles
Yagokoro Eirin: Draws only manzu tiles for five turns
Houraisan Kaguya: Draws only dora tiles if able for the next 3 turns
Fujiwara no Mokou: Can rule at the start of a round that any hand under mangan is worth nothing
Muenzuka (Unlocked with the Tenshi group)
            -Points are only lost, not gained
            -Riichi costs nothing
            -No akadora or open tanyao
Shameimaru Aya: Takes another turn, the tile from the first turn can’t be stolen
Himekaidou Hatate: Selects a tile in her hand, then the next time she draws a tile it will be that one. It won't be an akadora and she cannot call riichi, tsumo, or kan immediately after drawing it
Kazami Yuuka: Increased chance of getting kandora
Medicine Melancholy: Decreases magic meters of players who lost points and prevents them from being refilled next round
Onozuka Kamachi: Decreases random opponent’s magic meter
Shikieiki Yamaxanadu: Increases noten payments twofold
Youkai Mountain:
            -No special abilities
            -No open tanyao
            -There is never a two-han minimum
Moriya Shrine:
            -No akadora
            -Your seat wind is always a dora tile
Aki Shizuha: Prevents uradora from being flipped
Aki Minoriko: Adds 30 fu to her hand, or 40 fu if tsumo
Kagiyama Hina: When she calls ron on someone, that player will get a very bad starting hand next round
Kawashiro Nitori: Discards tiles face down for the next 6 turns
Inubashiri Momiji: Senses if other players are in tenpai
Kochiya Sanae: Ensures her next starting hand will have 3 of a wind tile
Yasaka Kanako: Ensures her next starting hand will have 7 different tiles in the same suit
Moriya Suwako: Turns some of her tiles into souzu
Palace of the Earthly Spirits:
            -Ron wins are worth double
            -If the dealer is leading in points, she plays with her hand revealed
Kisume: When she calls ron on someone, that player must discard her next 3 draws next round
Kurodane Yamame: Binds a tile to an opponent’s hand permanently
Mizuhashi Parsee: Removes 2 han from the winning hand
Hoshiguma Yuugi: Doubles her winning hand’s score when she wins a round
Komeiji Satori: Can see everyone’s starting tiles, ones drawn after are hidden
Kaenbyou Rin: Exchanges a tile in her hand with a discarded tile
Reiuji Utsuho: Raises chances of having 4 of a tile in her starting hand next round
Komeiji Koishi: Protects her tiles from being stolen by chi, pon, and kan
Myouren Temple
            -No akadora
            -Fu is doubled except for the 20 base fu
            -When the player in last place wins a round, she gets double the points

Nazrin: Ability can only be used when she draws her first tile. Once she enters tenpai this round, for the next five turns, she has a high chance of drawing her winning tile, as long as she hasn’t called riichi.

Tatara Kogasa: Adds 2 han to a closed non-riichi hand, or 3 han if tsumo

Kumoi Ichirin: Erases her first 6 discarded tiles

Unzan: Trades opening hands with a random player

Minamitsu Murasa: Much higher chance of drawing winning tile once there’s 4 or less tiles left in the wall. Tile will be created if it’s not already there. Ability can only be activated when there’s 12 or more tiles left in the wall.

Toramaru Shou: Her starting hand next round will have at least 1 or 2 akadora in it

Hijiri Byakuren: Trades a tile in her hand for any tile from an opponent’s discard pile. Cannot be used on the first turn. She may not call kan or tsumo immediately after using this ability.

Houjuu Nue: Disguises the suit of all opponent’s tiles for everyone except herself for 6 turns
Cemetery: When the dealer wins a round, she gets double the points
Kasodani Kyouko: The next tile she draws will be the same tile she just drew, if possible. It won’t be an akadora, and tsumo, riichi, and kan can not be performed immediately after drawing it.
Miyaku Yoshika: Steals 500 points from each player, plus extra points the more open sets that player has
Kaku Seiga: Furiten does not apply this round
Soga no Tojiko: She can only activate this ability when she draws her first tile. If she wins the round, the dora indicated by the first dora indicator is worth double.
Mononobe no Futo:  Her starting hand next round will have one of each wind tile
Toyosatomimi no Miko: Until she draws her next tile, no one can win or call riichi
Futatsuiwa Mamizou: Selects three tiles from her hand, then if anyone else has any of those tiles in their hand, she can see those tiles in their hands for the rest of the round. Tiles drawn afterwards will not be revealed.
Stage of the Heavens (Unlocked with the Tenshi group)
            -Start with 5 million points
            -Aotenjou scoring rules
Ibuki Suika: Exchanges an odd tile for an even one
Nagae Iku: All 1-3 han yaku are increased by 1 han, except Riichi, Pinfu, Double Riichi, and Yakuhai (ron)
Hinanawi Tenshi: Changes each tile in her hand to the next value up
Kourindou (CDs and manga)
            -Any hand worth less than 8000 points is worth nothing
            -Riichi is worth 2 han and Double Riichi is worth 4 han
The Human Village
            -Only for 3-player mahjong
            -Honor tiles are not used
            -Calling chii is allowed
Usami Renko: Imposes a 5-second turn limit
Maribel Hearn: Cancels all active magic powers
Hieda no Akyuu: Sees her next 6 draws for 3 turns
Sunny Milk: Places down a zero-commitment riichi stick
Luna Child: Can call chii on anyone for a turn
Star Sapphire: Marks the winning tiles of players in riichi
Morichika Rinnosuke: Marks all dangerous tiles for one turn
Watasuki no Yorihime: Returns an open pon to her hand
Watasuki no Toyohime: Returns an open chi to her hand
Reisen: Scores this round as a tsumo
Ibaraki Kasen: She can activate this ability when calling riichi and only if she is in 2nd place or lower. If she wins by tsumo, the player in 1st place must pay all of the points.
Twilight Bar (Uwabami Breakers)
            -Points are only gained, not lost
            -Aotenjou scoring rules
Asama Isami: She can activate this ability when she wins the round, and she gets an extra 1500 points for each honba counter (This is how it works in 2nd generation, I couldn’t figure out exactly how it works in 3rd generation but it seems pretty close)
Hakkaisan Tatsumi: Activated when winning. 1-sou and 9-sou tiles become akadora.
Arie Rumi: Her next starting hand will have somewhere between 0 to 2 concealed triplets
Amakasu B. Tenji: Gets an extra 600 points for each souzu tile
Jun’ya Outa: Gets an extra 600 points for each pinzu tile
Maybell: Steals 2000 points from any player who uses their special ability this round
Arioch: Up to four random tiles in her hand become akadora; the fuller her opponents’ magic meters are, the more akadora she gets

Makai (PC-98)
            -Magic gauge increases faster
            -BUT: special abilities cost 1000 points to use; the points go to whoever wins the round
            -No akadora
Mima: Receives a pair of sangenpai in her opening hand next round
Shinki: All 1-3 han yaku are increased by 1 han, except Riichi, Pinfu, Double Riichi, and Yakuhai (tsumo)
PC-98 Alice: Receives more tiles of a certain suit in her opening hand next round
Asakura Rikako: Ability can only be used when she draws her first tile. For the rest of the round, whenever another player draws an indicated dora tile (akadora don’t count), she must discard it immediately
Okazaki Yumemi: Can switch all terminals in her starting hand for simples
Kitashirakawa Chiyuri: Can switch out all honor tiles in her starting hand for other tiles
PC-98 Yuuka: Increased chance of getting kandora (same as regular Yuuka)

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