Welcome to Lunatic Phantasy

Welcome to my web site!

Initially, the purpose of creating a web site was to host my various projects that I left unfinished / unpublished in order to archive them so that they would not get lost in time. However, after many ideas and being inspired by other great sites, I thought of creating a personal Web site that hopefully hosts my projects was the best idea, so i came up with hello!'Lunatic Phantasy', thus creating this site.

This web site is centered around my personal projects I made that I find worth sharing with, primarily centered around game modifications. I also publish things related to my hobbies and interests, such as drawings, pictures or articles, feel free to explore the sections as much as you like!

Have fun!




Featured Image of the Month

"SS3 /jp/ event "

From : Serious Sam Fusion

Thanks to my lad Yuti, he hosted the main campaign of Serious Sam 3 on a gaming night in /jp/, It was a fun night!

I do not own most of the media / images or files shown on this website, nor do I claim ownership of them, credit to their respective authors. Endless 200X - Reptid.