Friends and associates

"Goodbye ESAKA"

Digital Hallucination

Digital-man might not be the smartest or anything like that, but he is special and he has a burning passion for anything he touches, has a section about private servers on games, which is useful if you are looking to play something with a friend. :D

Emerald Coast

The very own site of my good ol' friend Anthony2, a really dedicated man towards Anime, especially Haruhi, I consider him the number 1 Haruhi fan (or lover) ever existed >w<.

Koshka's Kingdom

Ahh... Koshka, everyone may look at you as a naive person, but I know that deep down you are a good friend, very well crafted site with a lot of interesting content towards 90's Internet nostalgia, autism, rants, cats and more!


This could be, the defenitive website about the internet itself, I mean it, very interesting and noteworthy articles about the Internetwebz, my man lolwut is also the owner of the Desuroom Revival a TF2 server running harbl_hotel 24/7, which could be described as "atmosphere of unrestricted fun". :^)

Manjaruntu's Mansion

This is the personal site of my beloved jiangshi! that has similar tastes in games just like me, and I consider him a walking encyclopedia of anything that is related to old tech. He likes Suika and his spirit is Hsien-ko.

Prints's Pink Palace

Prints is a unique friend of mine, and this is his website, featuring a very distinctive look, he loves Gensokyo (like me!), ramen, pocky and many other things! I hope you love his site as much as I do!


Nether!!! Personally i think this gal is quite cute, she's a busy girl, however she's a computer genius & a fellow internaut and that loves to do music and draw! I really suggest to check her site if you are into that stuff!

If you wanna link my site, remember to contact me and add my banner to your site and I'll add yours!




Interesting sites

Warning! some of these sites might require a modern browser to render properly!

Robyn's Animal Page

If you love your pets like me, you should visit this webiste, Robyn also have made a section on rabbits!

Kenrico's JoJo's and Hokuto no Ken Cell Collection

Very interesting and extensive cell collection of JJBA OVA and HnK series.

KOF Translations

If you love The King of Fighters or anything that is related to SNK and their games, you should check this out!

2D Will Never Die

Amazing site about the ways of 'dot art' or 'pixel art', if you love the way how Capcom created their sprites back then, you will love this site.

Fighters Generation

Fighting games fans reunite! This is the ultimate fighting game website to ever exist, trivia, character rankings and more!

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