The section where I thank people on the Internet

Hey, Im Reptid... Eeeh I am not somebody who is capable of describing himself, not because of social anxiety or anything like that. Simply because I am somebody who is really reserved to himself and to the people around me everyday. But despite that, Im somebody who is really capable of being friendly and candid towards people I find comfortable with.

Anyway, this site is for among one of my many hobbies and interests I have, such as Videogames like Touhou Project, FPS games like Unreal Tournament, Fightans like Guilty Gear, The King or Fighters and also having a interest on the world of tech and being mildy enthusiastic on the 2000s Internet.

I don't think describing myself is enough, so here's a compilation of quotes about what my friends think about me :


I do not check *this* email that often, however I will be glad to reply anyone having shared interests!

I do not own most of the media / images or files shown on this website, nor do I claim ownership of them, credit to their respective authors. Endless 200X - Reptid.