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My name is Udongein - a IAS mod


A GZDoom game made by Sigyaad, I am Sakuya (IAS for short), is a Doom-based FPS prequel where you play as Izayoi Sakuya in her vampire-hunter days before meeting Remilia Scarlet, it's a fun game that I enjoyed and cleared in every difficulty, at first the release game was pretty much barebones, but then the developer had the great idea of listening the feedback and updating the game further! adding new episodes, weapons and a hub world! This game is pretty much enjoyable for all kinds of players!

Shortly after, a workshop was added, and truly felt the urgency to make the first Reisen mod for it!

So I came up the idea of playing as Reisen and adding new mechanics and providing different playstyle, at the time I didnt knew anything about Doom modding, but I asked for Sigyaad for help! And he quickly gave me a hand and helped me through, such a nice guy!

I learned a lot in the journey, each weekend I added something new, and finally a contact of Sigyaad gave me a Legacy Workshop uploader for my Windows 7 OS, so I can upload the .wad in Steam, because the base Workshop uploader due to some dependencies being 'outdated'. After many tries uploading and troubleshooting the mod without bugs, I finally released it with Sigyaad, the Reisen mod!

Mod Overview

The mod replaces the story as Reisen Udongein Inaba trying to sneak out the SDM for Eirin and Kaguya.

The arsenal is changed, providing more automatic weapons and agressive gameplay, the new aresenal contains :

  • Reisen's very own Lunar blaster!
  • A shotgun and a automatic shotgun!
  • Tewi doll that is a absolute powerhouse that shreds everything!
  • Sakuya's timestop watch is changed by a very sketchy medicine made by Eirin's that provides invulnerabilty!
  • Your very own Lunatic Eyes!
  • A mini-gun for Lunatic difficulty!

Play now!

Requires Steam and a copy of I am Sakuya!