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Guilty Gear : XX Accent Core Plus R Palmods

Accent Core Plus R is the latest revision of the GGXX series, and probably the peak of Guilty Gear in general. Here's a Steam guide about palmodding the game, however most of the resources are behind a Discord server so beware.

These are the pallete mods I've made for +R, you need palmod and installing decrypted character .bin files (Google drive link) to replace the original ones located on "...Resource/pr/ver_100" (this step is important so palmod can open the sprites or it wouldn't work otherwise)

Remember to click on the images to open up the full image to download!

Color scheme inspired by a peculiar fanart of Reisen for Venom.
Inspired by Reisen's pallete and shading from ULiL for Venom.
Ran Yakumo's color scheme for Sol Bad-guy.
Yukari Yakumo's color scheme for Sol Bad-guy.
Rinnosuke Morichika's color scheme for Anji Mito.
Tewi Inaba's color scheme for Kuradoberi Jam.